and localisation

Communication is indispensable for everything—not only for human relationships, but for proper operation of markets, institutions, and social interaction as well. In the multilingual context we live in, language must not be an obstacle to the communication process, and so in certain situations we must entrust a cross-linguistic task to professional hands.


My name is Ane López Díez, and I am a freelance translator and localizer who translates from English, French, Spanish, and Basque into Basque and Spanish. I work for companies, individual clients, and translation agencies.


I offer translation services for general texts on various topics, as well as for specialized texts (such as education, tourism, finances, etc.). My translation work is also backed up by wide experience in localising IT (informatics, hardware, user interfaces and guides, websites) and leisure products (apps, games, media products). And I am also qualified for reviewing, proofreading, and postediting tasks in my two mother tongues, Basque and Spanish.